Bhailang Programming Language


Bhailang is a dynamically typed toy programming language and it is based on an inside joke, written in Typescript, and makes programming more fun. Bhailang is a new programming language introduced by two Indians named Rishabh Tripathi and Aniket Singh, both are software development engineers at Groww and Amazon respectively. You can check the Bhailang… Read More

Complex Number Problem Solved: Coding Ninjas

First Index Of a Number in an Array

Complex Number problems are basically asked in many coding questions. This question is taken from one of the basic challenges in Coding Ninjas. Before starting the actual question, let us know more about the complex numbers for a better understanding of the concepts. Complex numbers are the numbers that are expressed in the form of a+ib where, a,b… Read More

TCS DCA Questions Solved: 30 Sept 2021

TCS DCA Solutions

This blog covers the TCS DCA (Digital Capability Assessment) Coding Questions that were asked on 30th September 2021 in the morning slot at 11 am. Click here to find out questions previously asked in the TCS Digital exam. This is the third time when TCS Elevate Wings DCA is conducting the year 2021. Previously TCS… Read More