Core Azure architectural components : Regions, Availability zones and Resource groups

  1. Regions
  • There are 60+ regions are available to choose,
  • these are the geographical location where physical servers are located,
  • in these regions we can host our virtual machines
  • Not every region is available to all. Eg: Some regions are owned by American central government so we cannot choose that region, only people working there can have access.
AZ900: Azure Regions — Skylines Academy

Region Pairs :

  • Each region has one another region which is treated as pair .
  • If data is present in one region then it will be also present in its pair region i.e, data backup is there in pair region.
  • Ex : Canada Central – Canada East

2. Availability Zones :

  • A single region can have multiple availability zones .
  • When you are using availability zones , you are increasing availability of your application.
  • Each availability zone runs are physically separated and runs on their individual power, Internet and cooling systems

3 . Resource Groups :

Resource groups are folder structure of resources

We put all the particular resources into resource groups means we put all the resources in a group based on the requirements.

Resources: Virtual Machines, databases etc, Azure provides over 1000 resources.

Subscriptions : Subscription is a billing unit , all the resources which are in resource group have subscription.Users have access for one or more subscription with different roles.

Management Groups :

  • Manage your subscriptions
  • For every subscription there may have multiple resource group, a particular hierarchy is maintained which can be seen in below diagram.

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