TCS DCA 2021 Questions Solved: 28 September 2021

TCS DCA Coding Questions

This blog contains TCS DCA (Digital Capability Assessment) Questions that were asked on 28th September 2021 morning slot 11 AM. Evening slot questions of TCS Digital capability assessment can be accessed from here. Below were the list of the questions that were asked, please visit each question and if you know any other way to… Read More

Tokens in Java | Explained with Examples

Types of Tokens in Java

Tokens are the smallest individual unit of the program , In other words, they are the building blocks of a language. Basically In Java, the program is a collection of classes and methods, while methods are a collection of various expressions and statements . Moreover, statements and expressions are made up of tokens. Tokens in… Read More

Python HandsOn HackerRank Solved

) Using intMath Operations Area & Volume Sunil had an assignment on “Areas & Volumes” given by his Mathematics Teacher. He was given 1.’Side”, from which he have to find – Area of Square & – Volume of Cube 2. Radius’ ,from which he have to find – Area of Circle & – Volume of… Read More