Program to Cyclically rotate an array by one

Subarray with given sum

Given an array, rotate the array by one position in clock-wise direction. Below question to rotate an array is taken from GeeksforGeeks platform . To rotate an array following are steps : 1) Store last element in a variable say x.2) Shift all elements one position ahead.3) Replace first element of array with x. Example 1: Example… Read More

TCS DCA Questions Solved: 30 Sept 2021

TCS DCA Solutions

This blog covers the TCS DCA (Digital Capability Assessment) Coding Questions that were asked on 30th September 2021 in the morning slot at 11 am. Click here to find out questions previously asked in the TCS Digital exam. This is the third time when TCS Elevate Wings DCA is conducting the year 2021. Previously TCS… Read More