Google Maps new feature “Go” tab for quick navigation.

Google map new feature-Go Tab

This new update will be available soon to android and iPhone users.

With this new feature, users can directly save their destinations or routes with Go Tab. You just need to press the Go button and can visit the saved places very quickly.

The new feature will replace the existing Commute tab, which is located between the Explore and Saved tabs. Currently, you are only allowed to save locations of home and work. But, with this upcoming update, you will be able to add more locations very quickly.


  • Quick access to your saved destinations
  • User can add /save multiple location in Go tab
  • Easy to use and saves time
  • Will be Available to both Android and iPhone users

Multiple routes to a single destination can be pinned to “see which one will get you there most efficiently,” while Google will offer a list of suggested places to save based on your Location History. 

Previous update in Google Maps

Recently, Google Maps have introduced a new community feed to its platform. You can find this in the app’s Explore Tab. This feature just sends you alerts about the latest events happening nearby. The new community feed also shows the latest reviews, photos, and posts of nearby places. Google mentioned that Maps will offer “updates and recommendations from trusted local sources.”

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